Influence – Your Passport to Transforming Lives, Organizations and Nations (Audio Book)

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This book is a call for all positive influencers to rise and take your place; to step up and teach others how to do more with less. I know for me, my commitment to changing lives.

“We have what it takes to be the good we want to see in our society. We can no longer continue looking to others for solutions and answers. We have been created and packaged with all the ingredients and tools needed to make an impact in our world. It starts by understanding what we are called to be. We must awaken the reality that positive influence is the nutrition needed to nourish the seed of purpose planted in us, which can yield a great harvest in the lives of others” says author Dr. Margaret Ellis.

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Table Of Contents
Chapter 1 - The Influence Factor
Chapter 2 - The Hidden Treasure
Chapter 3 - Changing a Generation
Chapter 4 - Coaching Influence
Chapter 5 - 8 Principles of Influence Coaching
Chapter 6 - The Marriage Between Vision & Influence
Chapter 7 - 9 Tools for Becoming an Ultimate Influencer
Chapter 8 - Putting it All Together