We are Coaches of Influence and we are committed to providing high quality professional and leadership development training services. We believe that learning is a progressive journey which can lead to a more fulfilling life, career and mission that is why we offer in-depth instruction on trending topics in professional and leadership development.

We offer an array of customized training presentations to fit your individual and team’s needs such as:

• Executive Presence Training
• Talent and Leadership Development
• Half-day and full-day workshop/seminar
• Workforce Education – for current and future employees
• In-house Professional Development and Leadership training
• Custom Training Courseware tailored to your organization’s specific needs
• Assessments – designed to measure and make improvements to ensure success of learners

Our training style offers a combination of team interaction, brainstorming, group activities and accountability to help promote business and personal skill enhancement. We are committed to bring innovation, fresh ideas, different perspective and approach to help you achieve your desired success.

We provide effective team communication and structure that is critical in building relationships to empower people with the skills needed to develop professionally and the leader within.

Whether you desire professional or leadership success, we have the right curriculum designed to strengthen your ability to upgrade yourself or your team.

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