At Coaches of Influence, we are committed to understand you and stretching you to grow in an empowering way. We believe that regardless of your past or current situation, we can help you discover workable solutions for your everyday “real-life” circumstances or Turn your Passion into an Enterprise with a Coaching Certification.

We are committed to apply influence in our coaching model to ensure that we are bringing the best out of YOU and grooming elites who will in turn influence outcomes and drive for change in their lives, communities, groups, nations and organizations.

We honor our promise to deliver services with excellence by applying the foundational coaching concepts with our clients and coaches which includes:

• Establish trust in the coaching relationship
• Adhere to the boundaries set for the coaching relationship
• Reinforce professionalism in the Training, Certification and Service delivery
• Invest time in relationship building and utilizing assessments to determine the client’s and coach’s current needs

Our proven track record of success is an indication that those who take this journey with us can expect improvement and satisfaction in different areas of their lives and business through the achievement of relevant goals.

We offer two levels of coaching support:

Individual Coaching – one-on-one private and confidential coaching

Group Coaching – small setting face-to-face, webinar, phone and/or video technology

Want to Become a Certified Coach or need Coaching Services? We are available to answer to your call.

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