Who We Are

We are Coaches of Influence (COI) and welcome to our Speaker’s Bureau. Our bureau is an institute where we groom and mold positive influencers to transform lives, organizations and nations. At Coaches Of Influence, we believe that even though there are several companies that provide services to influence people, we are set apart by our mission and vision that goes far beyond the service to cultivating a culture of Influence which creates a positive and lasting impact .

Why We Exist

For Speakers:

The Vision of COI Speaker’s Bureau is simple. We aspire to be an institute and resource bank where existing and aspiring speakers can be nurtured and molded to become positive influencers that will transform individuals and societies through knowledge sharing.

For Clients:

We serve as a resource bank or matchmaker of speakers for your events. We have a line-up of speakers who are knowledgeable about a variety of topics, articulate and well-informed. We pledge to bring to you speakers who are:
  • Engaging
  • Professional
  • Positive Influencers
  • Passionate and Eloquent
  • Dynamic and model Integrity
  • Credible and have Charisma
  • Experts in their field and Confident
  • Passionate about your organization and/or its needs

What We Do

For Speakers:

We have implemented our speaker’s bureau program to groom, polish and highlight professional expertise. Our members are made up of existing and potential speakers who feel qualified to motivate, inspire, educate and influence the public about their areas of interest or expertise.

Every member of our Bureau will receive preparation, training, coaching and influence from our team. For us, being an expert in an area of professional specialty is the focus for our speakers. We groom our members to be polished presenters. Whether you are a novice or skilled speaker, we invest in developing and helping you to overcome barriers, challenges and apprehension about public speaking.

For Clients:

We have a network of speaking talent with in-depth knowledge and experience to meet your needs. Even though there are several options of speakers, our bureau’s role is to match your organization with a speaker that would cater to your audience’s unique needs.

We are your lifeline for all your events. We’ve got the right plan in place to find you the right speaker for your event. We have a line up of speakers suitable for every occasion and can speak on any topic. We would consider your organization, audience, theme, and the purpose of your event, conference or meeting and assign a speaker who will suit those needs.

Who We Serve

Coaches of Influence Speakers Bureau can help you find the perfect speaker for your event. We have a speaker for every occasion whether keynote, professional and motivational speaking to make your event a success. We are here to serve:
  • Professional Organizations
  • Political or Cultural Groups
  • Youth, Women and Entrepreneurship Groups
  • Corporations, Local Business and Companies
  • Religious Groups (Churches, Ministries and Organizations)
  • Business Groups (Rotary Club, Chamber of Commerce etc)
  • Educational Institutions (Schools, Colleges, Universities and other Institutions)
  • Public Service and Community Organizations (Associations, Union groups etc)

Why Us

For Speakers:

We are known for developing our team to become effective presenters and influencers. We coach our team to build up their skills in many areas including but not limited to:

  • Critical listening
  • Voice Management
  • Effective Presentation
  • Professional Platform Skills
  • Clarity, Simplicity and Consistency
  • Connecting to the audience and their message

For Clients:

The Coaches of Influence Speakers Bureau is here to partner with you in every step of identifying the right speaker for your event. Our Speakers bring several life experiences that makes their presentations educational, transformational and inspirational.

It means a lot to us to have a team that you can always rely on. They bring expertise, are engaging and articulate which makes them capable of connecting with your audience and serving their needs.